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WTF casting news: Paul McCartney is in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – check out his poster

Rock stars have previous for, uhh, rocking up in Hollywood movies – heck, Keith Richards plays Jack Sparrow’s dad – but I’m still weirded out beyond belief by this poster of Paul McCartney in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. I’ve heard The Beatles often get pirated but this is ridiculous.

Paul McCartney himself took to the seven seas of Twitter to reveal his bizarre transformation into a pirate. Let’s face it: he looks amazing with his flowing beardlocks (those are a thing, right?) and enough guyliner to make any rock star blush, let alone The Beatles frontman. A Day in the (Pirate’s) Life, indeed.

This isn’t just a one-shot poster, either. McCartney has filmed a cameo for Pirates 5 – which sees a different Jack Sparrow to the one we’re used to – with IMDb stating he’s landed the illustrious role of ‘Jail Guard 2’. You’ve got to start somewhere, even if you’re Paul McCartney.

My guess? He’s probably looking for his pieces of eight (days a week) on a Yellow Submarine. Ok, I’ll stop now.

Fans on social media are pretty impressed with McCartney’s new swashbucking role:

Image: Disney

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