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The Walking Dead's season six finale will be LONG

Before it even aired, Norman Reedus promised the second half of The Walking Dead season six would be "full of turmoil (opens in new tab)." If you've caught any recent episodes then you'll know he's spot on. And we've not even reached the heavily-teased showdown with the series' upcoming villain, the foul-mouthed Negan (opens in new tab).

It looks as if the powers that be are hoping to drag out that inevitable scrap as the finale will be an extended episode (opens in new tab). Just like last year, the season closer is set to run at 90 minutes which certainly makes you wonder what exactly is going to go down. Rick's crew are never short of drama, whether it's from internal issues within the Alexandria camp or over the walls with zombies and outsiders.

In light of recent events - ahem, the whole Savior incident - there's a lot of options for how this finale might play out. Negan's introduction is rumored to be more than just a quick hello; after reading the finale script, most of the main cast felt a little nauseated (opens in new tab). It definitely sounds like bloodshed's on the cards, but the question is; who won't make it to season seven?

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9pm on AMC. The feature-length finale will be broadcast on April 3.

Images: AMC

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