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The Hunger Games nets the third highest opening of all time

The Hunger Games has enjoyed a hugely successful opening weekend, topping the US box office with a whopping $155m haul and becoming the third most successful opening of all time in the process.

Having gone to town with saturation marketing, the wall-to-wall press coverage seems to have paid off, with the film also recording the biggest ever debut weekend for a non-sequel. The new Twilight ? It’s already outstripped the most profitable film of that series…

Second place was a veritable galaxy away, with 21 Jump Street taking a comparatively puny $21.3m, whilst The Lorax took £13.1m in third. Meanwhile, the disappointing John Carter continued to flop in fourth on just $5m.

Act Of Valour took fifth spot with just over $2m, whilst none of the bottom five managed to reach that figure. Project X finished sixth with $1.95m, just above A Thousand Words on $1.9m and October Baby on $1.718m.

Safe House and Journey 2 complete the top ten, on $1.39m and $1.37m respectively. After such a mammoth opening, we can expect The Hunger Games to be sitting pretty for a few weeks to come, a fact that won’t have been lost on the teams behind Wrath Of The Titans and Mirror, Mirror , both of which arrive next week…