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The best Es in gaming that aren't E3

E is for... Epona

Link's horsey is so cool, she's got her own song. How many horses have their own song? Exactly. She's also in Zelda games from different time periods, yet she's apparently the same horse, which makes her hundreds of years old. Maybe that's what the words to her tune are - "Horse that's old / horse that's old / horse that's old but cool".

Above: Awesome horse eats awesome sauce for breakfast

E is for... End boss

You know it's the end boss. Why? Because you just beat what could only be described as the 'last' boss and now something friggin enormous has emerged and plonked itself down in front of you with a look that says 'I'm going to kill you to death'. It's got 8,000 life bar segments, a special attack that you can only dodge if you picked up the cantaloupe spanner silencer at the start oflevel 1and it's got the game's credits tattooed on its arse.

Above: You've only got 19 seconds left as Super Sonic, Sonic. Do 'im!

E is for... Electric attack

Electricity paralyses fleshy enemies. It short-circuits robot enemies. It courses through water and destroys duck-based enemies. In short, electrical attacks are awesome. Think it's co-incidence that the most famous Pokemon of them all is Electric-type? Let's see how your crumby Piplup does againt Pikachu, shall we? Yeah, come back when you've grown some Voltorbs.

Above: You'd look happy too if you could do that. Shazam!

E is for... E Honda

Hundred Hand Slap! Ah, memories. Like when you'refighting Bison at the end of Street Fighter II and your mum looks at you hammering the punch button when you've got him cornered and says "I think it's time to switch that off now". It wasn't that you'd gone insane, nor that you'd turned into some button mashing imbecile over the hour you'd been playing it. It's a legitimate move that requires fast consecutive presses, mother. But... we can see how it might not have looked that way.

Above: E Honda may be fat, but he sure can slap stuff

E is for... Emotion engine

PlayStation 2's braingave us some of the best years of our gaming lives and it's all down to this little chip. We remember something at PS2's unveiling about how it would let AI characters smell things and feel sad, happy or anything else, which was quite unlike anything seen before. Yup it was that powerful. Sadly, it was also like nothing seen after, leaving everybody rather bemused. Oh, well that's an emotion right there, so it worked. Sort of.

Above: The 'Emotion Engine' inside every PS2. Pretty emotionless really

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