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The 6 most humiliating Avatar costumes on Xbox Live [PICS]

Xbox 360's Avatar Marketplace is the definition of hit-and-miss. For every lightsaber or guitar, there's a poodle purse or goldfish bowl. For every BioShock doll, there's a Minnie Mouse doll. For every remote control Warthog, there's a remote control Tails Tornado. Yes, that Tails.

To find the most embarrassing and excruciating clothing options, however, you have to dig deep… both into your wallet and your dignity. Luckily, that's my job, so you can ridicule the results without any of the risks.

Here are the six stupidest outfits available on Xbox Live. If I ever catch you wearing any of this stuff online, you're right off my friends list.

The Sonic %26amp; Sega All-Star Racer

Once upon a 16-bit time, you could showcase your Sega love without feeling an ounce of shame. Now… well, now you'll just look like a rejected fast food mascot with a pet monkey-gerbil. And I will pity you.

Billy Hatcher Helmet = $1.00 (80 MS)
AiAi Monkey Ball = $3.00 (240 MS)
Racing Suit = $2.00 (160 MS)

Total cost of humiliation? $6.00

The Disney Tourist

You might get away with wearing one of these theme park souvenirs for an innocent touch of childhood nostalgia. Maybe two if you're being ironic. Go for the full Floridian, however – or even think about donning that denim jacket – and you might as well be playing Farmville on a motorized scooter.

Goofy Hat = $3.00 (240 MS)
Tinker Bell Tote = $2.00 (160 MS)
Mickey Mouse Varsity Jacket = $2.00 (160 MS)

Total cost of humiliation? $7.00

The Fun Dad

Do you sometimes wish your parents appreciated gaming as much as you? Don't.

"Soda"Hat = $2.00 (160 MS)
"Pwned" Tee = $1.00 (80 MS)
Grill =$2.00 (160 MS)

Total cost of humiliation? $5.00

The International Stereotype

How many cartoonish generalizations can you count? Too bad I couldn't fit in the German lederhosen, Japanese kimono, Hawaiian grass skirt and Chinese firecrackers as well...

Scottish Kilt = $2.00 (160 MS)
Mexican Sombrero = $1.00 (80 MS)
American Torch = $3.00 (240 MS)
French (Italian?) Striped Shirt = $2.00 (160 MS)

Total cost of humiliation? $8.00

Thisis funny on March 17th, but on March 18th you just look like a douche.

Leprechaun Hat = $2.00 (160 MS)
Leprechaun Outfit = $3.00 (240 MS)
Mug Glasses = $1.00 (80 MS)
Pot of (o'?) Gold = $2.00 (160 MS)

Total cost of humiliation? $8.00

Good thing they made this merchandise available a full two months before release… Wake Fever is catching coast to coast and Alaniacs are frothing with anticipation. Now when will we finally get the McDonalds toys and cereal box covers?

Alan Wake Dressup = $4.00 (320 MS)
Alan Wake Logo Hat = $1.00 (80 MS)
Alan Wake Book = $2.00 (160 MS)

Total cost of humiliation? $7.00

And the most humiliating number of all?

Mar 26, 2010

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