Celebrity Xbox Avatars

So here’s an idea. Instead of building a half-assed copy of yourself, why not build a half-assed copy of your favorite celebrity? Why bore everyone with Bearded Sunglasses Dude #57 or Green Shirt Wearing Gal #124 when you can terrify everyone with a Frankenstein version of Mario, Lara Croft, Chuck Norris or Sarah Palin?

Below are 20 famous/ fictional folks for you to choose between.I got surprisingly close on some;I felllaughably short on others. If you’ve had more success, or want to share your own bizarre creations, please post a picture in our forums.

Okay, so he looks more ready to serve you burgers and fries than save any princesses, but the gloves, hat and mustache go a long way. If Microsoftowned Nintendo, this is whatI imagine Mariomight look like.

Yeah yeah, the shorts aren't short enough. Since you can't change any of the avatar clothing's color, though, it was either these or a pair of hot pink stripper shorts. Hmm, maybeI should rethink this...

Credit for this one goes to PlayStation Editor Mikel Reparaz. The eye scar was the inspiration, obviously, but he also found a clever workaround for the shirtless tattoo. You do have to squint a bit.

The tracksuit pants. The disappearing hairline. The murderin' gloves. The general New Jersey vibe. If I haven't recreated Niko Bellic here, I've at least succeeded at a younger Tony Soprano.

Charlie Barratt
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