Celebrity Xbox Avatars

The key to Caribou Barbie is the fake politician smile, the pageant queen makeup and the sexy librarian hairdo. Oh, and the Tina Fey glasses, naturally. Add a few wrinkles to remind people she's over 40 and you're done!

He's only President for another two months, but with this avatar, he can govern over your 360 console forever. The business suit options are limited to all black (tan) or all white, so I gave George Jr. a casualCrawford Ranch style instead.

Here again, I was annoyed by the lack of men's clothing. "Why can't I put my avatar in a regular business suit?!" I shouted angrily to the GamesRadar offices. "I don't think Microsoft expected anyone to want to look like John McCain," my boss answered wisely.

The parted hair, formal tie and Wrist Strong bracelet say "responsible conservative." Theknowing grin, devious eyebrowsand beady black eyes say something else entirely.

Charlie Barratt
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