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"Survival is always an occupational hazard in Game of Thrones" Natalie Dormer talks season 6

Spoilers (and dragons) ahead

It’s not easy staying alive in Game of Thrones but Margaery Tyrell's done pretty well so far. Actress Natalie Dormer knows that merely breathing means she's in serious danger though. We caught up earlier this year and I got a chance to ask her whether it was scary for the cast now that the plot of season 6 has gone beyond the ‘safety’* of Martin’s books

“Survival is always an occupational hazard in Game of Thrones when you’re in the books or past the books so I’m just excited to see where the creators of the show are taking it now that we’re on uncharted territory,” she said, neatly dodging any spoiler based answers. 

Dormer also revealed how she’d like Margaery to die if she has to and she’s got a rather violent and fiery conclusion in mind. “If Margaery had to die how would I want to her to die? Via dragon probably,” she grinned. “That would be the most apt wouldn’t it? But that would mean that Dany would have to get over so who knows?” Going by Margaery’s current perilous situation, she might not get a chance to see even see a dragon but we’ll see. 

Check out the video to find out who Dormer would like to kick the bucket in this season and who she’d resurrect from the grave if given the chance. Also, spoilers. Lots of spoilers. 

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*awful peril

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