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Surface Pro is a fantastic laptop/tablet hybrid and it's $410 off at Best Buy right now

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Best Buy has big savings on a Microsoft Surface Pro, and there's never been a better time to make the leap from dedicated laptops and tablets to a convenient, all-in-one model. You can pick up a Surface Pro complete with a detachable black type cover for $549 at Best Buy right now, a discount of $410 off the standard price of $959. That's a more than 40% saving on a trusty piece of tech that will come in handy all across your daily life, and on one of the best pieces of hardware ever to come out of Microsoft.


Surface Pro with Black Keyboard | $549 at Best Buy, was $959
Save more than $400 on a tablet/laptop hybrid that you'll keep discovering new uses for years later - and hey, free type cover!

As a satisfied Surface Pro owner myself, I can vouch for how nice it is to have a little PC that works well as a laptop and turns into a slick little tablet if you just pop the magnetized type cover off. It's been a perfect travel buddy when I'm on the road for work: with the keyboard attached my Surface Pro easily covers all my day-to-day computing tasks, then on the evenings or on an airplane it turns into a lovely little tablet machine for watching Netflix. It's even been great for playing performance-light games like Into the Breach.

This particular Surface Pro offering comes with a Black Keyboard, which is otherwise sold separately for $130. It has an Intel Core M3 processor, 4GB of memory, and a 128GB SSD. You can easily expand your storage with a built-in microSD slot as well. Most importantly, it comes with that sturdy and satisfying kickstand. It sounds silly, but I could sing the praises of that kickstand all day - you won't fully appreciate it until you try to use any other sizable piece of tech without it.

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