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Supernatural Bosses Talk Season Six

SPOILER ALERT! Only read if you’ve seen the season five finale. Or if you don’t care about spoilers, obviously…

Prepare for a very intimate kind of apocalypse, according to the producers who’ll be steering Supernatural through its unexpected sixth season. Show creator Eric Kripke has now relinquished his role as day-to-day showrunner, but in an exclusive article in SFX 198 he reveals that he plans, “on being around… I’m there to be the safety net and to make sure it all stays within the tone of Supernatural .” He adds that new showrunners, Sera Gamble and Robert Singer, “have some pretty exciting notions for where to take the show.”

Gamble expands: “The show has never really been about God and the Devil, or angels and demons, it’s a show about Sam and Dean. We’re going to go from the epic back to a more intimate story.”

“Our scope has been so big – you’re not supposed to do it that big!” elaborates executive producer Ben Edlund. “But the fun of it is, ‘What do you do after the Apocalypse?’ We have to get very small because the only way to really tell a story is through change, through crescendo and diminuendo. We’re going to get more human, more personal. Smaller in scope… at least initially.”

Another of the show’s producers, Phil Sgriccia, reveals that Castiel and Lisa will definitely be making a comeback, and possibly Death too. For more news on other characters that the writers are hatching up ways to bring back, check out the full interview in SFX 198 .