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Super SFIV Arcade Edition arriving June 7 for 360, PS3 and PC

It%26rsquo;s probably the worst kept secret of the year, but we can finally officially say Super SFIV Arcade Edition is coming to 360 and PS3 as a $15 DLC add-on. The update brings sick-nasty fighters Yun and Yang to the mix, as well as overpowered boss characters Evil Ryu and Oni (aka Shin Akuma). But uh, we kinda knew most of that already, so is there any other good news? Actually, yes %26ndash; Arcade Edition will also hit PC, marking the first time the Super SFIV world has appeared on the platform.

As AE is merely an add-on to Super SFIV, all players can compete in the same matchmaking arenas. If you only have SSFIV, for example, you%26rsquo;ll still be able to engage in fights with those who bought AE; in those instances, SSFIV rules and balances take precedence. And if you didn%26rsquo;t buy SSFIV at all? Arcade Edition will also appear as a physical disc in crusty old caveman stores, containing SSFIV and AE in one package. All of these versions talk to each other online, so no matter which version you choose, you%26rsquo;ll end up in the same pool.

Above: So thoroughly wicked!

Other additions include the ability to follow your favorite expert players in the Replay Channel. You can follow up to five at a time, and receive updates any time they post a new replay. Additionally, there will be a new %26ldquo;Elite%26rdquo; channel that only contains replays from players with 3000 player points or more. As for actual gameplay changes, Capcom said it%26rsquo;s improved matchmaking in general (which has been irksome since launch) and has made it so your motto and BP/PP display along the top of each online match. This perhaps makes the HUD kind of cluttered, but it does add more character and personality to the match.

Above: Akuma goes super saiyan 5, turns blue, becomes Oni

We%26rsquo;ll have a review up for Arcade Edition when it arrives in June, or you could sniff out an arcade and see if it%26rsquo;s imported the actual unit from Japan. It%26rsquo;s been out there for months, and several have appeared in the US, so if you%26rsquo;re really dying to get your hands on it, it%26rsquo;s totally possible.

Oh shit%26hellip; I just realized this launches during E3 week. Uuuh that review might be a day or two late%26hellip;

Apr 12, 2011