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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 holocron guide

Level 5 - Degobah (6 Holocrons)

Note: All of these Holocrons must be obtained prior to initiating the cutscene with Yoda.

Holocron 21 - Experience Points

On top of your ship at the beginning of the level. Use the nearby rock to reach it.

Holocron 22 - Blue Bacta Tank

Under the same rock you used to jump on top of the ship. Use Force Grip to move it.

Holocron 23 - Saber Crystal

After using the ridges to jump to the next area, you will see Yoda’s hut. The holocron is to the right of it, under a tree.

Holocron 24 - Green Bacta Tank

Take the path to the left of Yoda’s hut. Move the large rock to find the holocron.

Holocrons 25 and 26 - Saber Crystal / Experience Points

Continue along the left path to find the next two holocrons. They can’t be missed, they sit along the path to Yoda.

Level 6 - The Salvation: Aboard the Salvation (6 Holocrons)

Holocron 27 - Saber Crystal

You’ll see this Holocron in the hallway after your first encounter with the Terror Spider Droids.

Holocron 28 - Green Bacta Tank

When you get to the T-shaped room where several Terror Spider Droids attack you, pick up the fuse and carry it down the long hallway to find a room with three coolant tanks. Destroy the middle tank to find the holocron. Note that if you’ve been destroying all the coolant tanks, you will also get the Master of Disaster achievement here.

Holocron 29 - Blue Bacta Tank

After running through the melted corridors and reaching the large chasm, the holocron is located directly below the ledge you enter on.

Holocron 30 - Experience Points

In the upper level of the room with the generators, you will see this holocron between two spinning circular devices. Wait for them to stop spinning before jumping through.

Holocron 31 - Experience Points

In the main engine room, you’ll see the holocron right by the engine itself. Double jump and dash to reach it.

Holocron 32 - Saber Crystal

After defeating the Terror Walker, you will find this holocron before finishing the level.

Level 7 - The Salvation: Battle for the Salvation (7 Holocrons)

Holocron 33 - Experience Points

In a boarding pod in the upper level of the hangar, to the right from where you entered.

Holocron 34 - Green Bacta Tank

After overloading the unstable engine parts, you will see this holocron right in front of you.

Holocron 35 - Saber Crystal

You’ll find this holocron right after clearing out the engine room -- you can’t miss it.

Holocron 36 - Saber Crystal

After running through the partially melted corridors you’ll face off against a Wardroid. Check inside its boarding pod for a Holocron.

Holocron 37 - Blue Bacta Tank

After defeating the second Wardroid and the Imperial troops, you have to place a fuse to open a door. Inside the doorway you will find a long hallway with snipers. Take the first hall to the left to find the holocron.

Holocron 38 - Experience Points

After using Force Grip to move the broken elevator, jump down to the bottom of the shaft. Directly behind you is a wall opening in which you will find the holocron.

Holocron 39 - Saber Crystal

When the main cannon gets knocked offline head around to the front side of it and stack the two nearby crates to reach the holocron. This must be done before you control the cannon.

Level 8 - Kamino: The Return (6 Holocrons)

Holocron 40 - Green Bacta Tank

At the start of the level you will see the holocron sitting on top of a pile of scrap.

Holocron 41 - Experience Points

Also at the start of the level, on top of a separate pile of scrap.

Holocron 42 – Blue Bacta Tank

Once you enter the tower control room after the TIE Fighters destroy the bridge, use the small, circular platform to jump to the upper ledge in the room and find the holocron.

Holocron 43 - Saber Crystal

You’ll come across this holocron shortly after dropping down the steep ledges. You will reach a platform with some large crates on it -- be sure to pick one up and drop it down near the holocron so you can reach it.

Holocron 44 - Saber Crystal

You will find this holocron after riding down the elevator and fighting the incinerator Wardroid and the Terror Spider Bots.

Holocron 45 - Experience Points

At the final stationary set of platforms right before reaching the room with the elevator at the end of the level. The holocron is inside one of the glass tubes.

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