Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 holocron guide

In a world with fancy spaceships, lightsabers and the awe-inspiring power of the Force, it's no surprise that useful upgrades come wrapped in colorful cube-shaped holocron packaging. Picking up these cubes in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 will net you a health bar increase, Force bar increase or a new crystal for your lightsaber. When tapping into your own midi-chlorians isn't enough for the Force to lead you to each of the game's 45 holocrons, don't sweat; we'll show you the location of every last cube of knowledge.

The holocron list is broken up by level so you can grab everything as you go. We've provided video for some of the trickier ones.

Level 1 - Kamino: The Escape (6 Holocrons)

Holocron 1 - Saber Crystal

Right after you use Force Grip to pull the platform out of the wall -- you can’t miss it.

Holocron 2 - Saber Crystal

Just after running through the fire traps, you’ll see the Holocron straight ahead.

Holocron 3 - Green Bacta Tank

The third Holocron is on the outer platform just after exiting the room that contained the previous holocron.

Holocron 4 - Experience Points

This experience Holocron is sitting on the table in the room just after deactivating the blue force fields.

Holocron 5 - Experience Points

The Holocron is floating in midair right in front of you once you encounter Jumptroopers for the first time.

Holocron 6 - Blue Bacta Tank

After defeating the second Wardroid, turn to the left after entering the doorway.

Level 2 - Cato Neimoidaia: The Eastern Arch (8 Holocrons)

Holocron 7 - Saber Crystal

Take the bridge to the left just after your first encounter with the Sith Acolytes. The holocron is behind some crates on the middle of the platform.

Holocron 8 - Experience Points

This one’s sitting at the top of the ledge once you use Force Grip to position the three elevator-like platforms.

Holocron 9 - Saber Crystal

After traveling through the red-carpeted corridor and using Force Push to break down the door, turn to your left as soon as you exit.

Holocron 10 - Saber Crystal

The holocron is hidden underneath one of the bowling ball statues, the first one you see after defeating an AT-MP.

Holocron 11 - Blue Bacta Tank

You have to snag this one during the sequence in which you run across the bridge to escape the ship’s lazor beamz. The sequence begins right after the elevator ride; you can see the holocron floating in the distance before you have to start running. Just be sure to time a double jump and dash to grab it.

Holocron 12 - Green Bacta Tank

After the running sequence has ended and you end up in this room, hop on the platform in the picture and double jump / dash over to the nearest ledge. From there, walk over and claim the holocron.

Holocron 13 - Experience Points

This one is on the second level of the large game room in which you fight an AT-MP.

Holocron 14 - Costume

After exiting the game room with the fog and Wardroids you will find this hologram of Jabba the Hutt with three game machines in front of it. Destroy the machines to unveil the holocron.

Level 3 - Cato Neimoidaia: The Western Arch (4 Holocrons)

Holocron 15 - Experience Points

At the beginning of the level, inside the structure on the docking platform.

Holocron 16 - Saber Crystal

To reach this holocron you have to move the solitary crate close enough to the stack of three crates so you can jump on top of them. From the top of the stack of crates, you can jump on the roof of the adjacent building and reach the holocron.

Holocron 17 - Blue Bacta Tank

Just after defeating a Wardroid you will enter this room. The holocron is to the left of the statue.

Holocron 18 - Green Bacta Tank

This one is right in the center of the pathway where you’ll fight a Wardroid. Can’t miss it.

Holocron 19 and 20 - Experience Points / Saber Crystal

These holocrons are reached while raiding the elevator up to the arena. You have to jump off the elevator and dash to the ledges before it reaches the top; otherwise, a cutscene will initiate and a boss fight begins. If you miss these two, you’ll have to replay the level to reach them again.

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