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Star Wars Battlefront has an unlockable diorama, and here's how you fill it out

On top of the usual unlockable guns and power-ups, Star Wars Battlefront will reward your more unique accomplishments by filling out a 3D battle diorama. It's a lot like getting a new action figure for doing well in school, but instead you get a scout trooper for scoring 250 headshot kills.

To help you plan out your collector's conquest ahead of time, here's how to unlock all 20 diorama pieces. Some of them sound like quite a bit more work than getting a good grade in biology...

As long as you're being proactive, don't forget to start getting credits with the Battlefront companion app ahead of time. Star Wars Battlefront will be released on Tuesday, November 17 in North America and Thursday, November 19 in Europe.

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Connor Sheridan
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