Star Wars Battlefront lets you unlock digital toys, because action figures are so '70s

As if living out your Star Wars battle fantasies (that's really the term EA and DICE use) wasn't enough, Star Wars Battlefront will even let you relive your days of collecting Boba Fett action figures. Lead hero designer Jamie Keen revealed to PlayStation Lifestyle that the game will include a diorama scene populated by unlockable characters and other objects.

Usually "progression" in an online shooter means unlocking new guns and equipment to load out your character before heading into matches. Star Wars Battlefront definitely has that, too, but I'm a lot more interested in filling out that diorama. Keen didn't diverge too many details, but he did say that "there’ll be very specific gameplay actions that you need to complete that will then unlock certain characters in the diorama."

I'd expect something like force choking 10 Rebels to unlock Darth Vader in a threatening pose, or bringing down an AT-AT with a harpoon to unlock a swooping snowspeeder, but we'll have to wait and see. Keen said EA and DICE are working to make the diorama a big draw for completionists.

Even if you're not into collecting virtual action figures, expect to spend "tens of hours" unlocking all your in-game Star Cards. You can get a sample of them in the free Star Wars Battlefront beta when it opens in October

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