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Splatterhouse easter eggs and references guide

Splatterhouse 3 Second Level Boss -The Giant Boreworm

The Boreworms appeared in the classic games as little pain’s in the ass that would slither across the ground and then jump up to bite you. The big momma of the Boreworms was a two legged larger version that was the second boss of the third game. A reference to it can be found in The Scream Park, just after you enter the Hell House.After you cross the bridge where the Devil is hanging out, look to the left behind the flames there and you will see the Boreworm’s giant head moving back and forth.

Splatterhouse 1 Final Boss – Hell Chaos

The final boss in the first Splatterhouse became lovingly known as Captain Mozzarella due to the visage resembling melted cheese covering his face and arms. Near the end of the Scream Park, you will exit the Hell House and hop down a ledge and face a gang of clowns. When you do, take a look behind you and look up, waaay up and you will see a cut out of him above the doorway you just came through with his screaming mouth and hands rising up in the air.

Splatterhouse 2 Second Level Boss- Bighead

Once you defeat the frog monster for the first time during The Scream Park, make your way up the stairs and immediately after making a right, look behind the chain link fence there and you will see a cut out of an old boss. This boss actually appears in two Splatterhouse games.He appears once as the second level boss in Splatterhouse 2 and makes a quick appearance during the fifth level boss fight in Splatterhouse 3. In both games he died a nasty death- the first with his bulbous eyeballs exploding and the second with his head exploding- so I’m sure it’s happy enough being safe and secure right where it is.

Attack of the Clock Hands

In the original Splatterhouse, Wanpaku Graffiti, hanging clocks would attack you with their hands.In this version, the second chapter boss is made up of a bunch of bits and bobs which includes a hand that is a giant clock. Role reversal!

Laughing Mounted Heads

Sure this is also a reference to Evil Dead 2 where all the mounted heads in the cabin start to laugh maniacally at Ash but it’s also a reference to Wanpaku Graffiti. During chapter 7, there is a mounted deer head that will laugh at you it you get hit. Much like the classic game, the laughing heads also appear in a room with a fireplace. Unlike the classic game however, you can’t shut it up by giving it a good swat.

Hallway Mirrors

In the original Splatterhouse, during Chapter IV, Rick would walk down a hallway that was lined with mirrors. When he passed the fourth mirror, a reflection of him would jump out and attack.In this game, when you walk down the hallway of mirrors during Chapter 8, Reflections in Blood, you’ll notice the fourth mirror is boarded up, not allowing any evil Rick’s to hop out -a nice little nod to one of the more clever parts of the original game.

Wanpaku Graffiti

Once you have collected the pictures of Jen, they will all have a brief description about where they were taken.One of them is of her rocking out at a concert with the title “Backstage at Wanpaku Graffiti”. Not only is it an odd name but Wanpaku Graffiti is also the name of the first Splatterhouse game that was released for consoles -although it was only released in Japan for the Famicom.

The Dark Stone

Another picture of Jen has a note saying that it was taken at the Dark Stone Nightclub. The Dark Stone was the Macguffin of the third Splatterhouse game in which Rick’s son was kidnapped to unlock the powers of. The game made plenty of references to it as well as showing the stone from time to time during loading screens.

Dec 6, 2010