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Someone has already hit The Division's Dark Zone level cap

You're far from done once you hit Level 30 in The Division. There are still more challenges to face, including clearing nearly a hundred Dark Zone ranks. One player has already has already scraped the very ceiling of achievement in the inventive PvE/PvP hybrid region: Chaos 3SK. His notable accomplishment, which was highlighted on The Division's official site, also proves once and for all that the Dark Zone rank cap is 99. Not 100, not 255, it's 99.

If you're hoping to replicate Chaos 3SK's ascent to the heights of Dark Zone-itude, you can retrace his "farming route" through the DZ02 area using the video below. Skip to 4:10 for the final rank-up message, though there aren't any fireworks or even jumping jacks to commemorate the moment - he keeps on going, wanting to see if there's a level 100. This guy's all business.

Don't be misled by how fast Chaos 3SK managed to reach the cap: yes, it's only been 10 days since The Division came out, but Chaos 3SK had 153 hours of playtime as of Ubisoft's official post. That means he averaged 15.3 hours in The Division per day. According to his Reddit post, he's "been on holidays".

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