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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell audio tomes collectibles location guide

Satan Tomes - Downtown 

D.S.O.G.: Archdukes

On top of the huge skeletal body in the centre of Dragon Bone.

D.S.O.G.: Marshalling Grounds

In central The Pride, next to the Marshalling Ground marker.

D.S.O.G.: Downtown

In east Faithless Hill, on the base beneath a tall floating building.

D.S.O.G.: Sinterpol

In south Cardinals Glance, in an alleyway between two tall buildings.

D.S.O.G.: Invasion

In south Smoke Pass, on top of a high archway.

D.S.O.G.: The Powerful

In central Rebellion Square, on the ledge halfway up the tall building by the Pledge Rush marker.

D.S.O.G.: The Grunts

In east Devils Grasp, on the base beneath a tall floating building.

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