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Rumour: Bradley Cooper to play Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy?

While the majority of Guardians of the Galaxy has now been cast, there's still one announcement that's proved illusive.

The mystery of who'll voice Rocket Raccoon, the team's fully CGI, wise-cracking, gun-blasting bad-ass raccoon is still up for grabs - but it appears that Bradley Cooper could be the man for the voiceover role.

David Tennant had previously topped the rumour list, but now Latino Review allege that movie insiders have just offered Cooper the role.

Whether he'll take it - and more importantly, whether the sources prove to be accurate - is still yet to be confirmed, but we can't deny that we wouldn't be on-board with the idea.

Guardians Of The Galaxy opens in cinemas on 1 August 2014.