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Rosamund Pike feels the Wrath Of The Titans

wrath of the titans

Rosamund Pike may have been showing interest in comic book adaptations of late, but the Brit actress has also revealed she favours Greek myths, having signed on to Wrath Of The Titans.

The sequel to last year’s Clash Of The Titans is being set up with Jonathan Liebesman at the helm, and is due out March 2012.

Pike will play Andromeda, the role previously played in Clash by Alexa Davalos, who was apparently “unavailable” for the sequel. Once bitten, eh Alexa?

Deadline report that the role will be expanded for the toga-toting sequel – presumably Pike will do more than just look upset and get strung up as bait for a Kraken.

The actress is also currently contending for a role in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, and was once attached to X-Men: First Class . She's currently filming Johnny English Reborn.