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The Room 3 walkthrough

Ending 3: Release

Pick up Craftman's key, ignore the portal, and head into the office. Use your eyepiece to look at the grandfather clock. This is synced to the clock on your device. At 15 minute intervals, when the hand reaches the blue lines, the body of the clock will open.

Once the clock is open, take note of the pendulum. As it swings, you'll spot some magnified numbers. Set the weights to the corresponding numbers. They are 4, 1, and 2.

Pick up the crystal and take the lift from the library to the top floor.

Use this sphere to control the momentum of the hanging weight and direct it into the safe.

The safe will land in the central room where the portal opens up. Take the crystal and go to the greenhouse

Pop the crystals into the machine on the desk and turn the crank to the right.

You'll find yourself having to navigate another maze. Follow the pointer at the edge of the screen to reach the goal.

Take the mysterious artifact and head through the portal.

Once again, insert the key at the top of this mechanism and pick up the metal ring from the edge of the table.

Use the ring on the front of this box and look inside with the eyepiece.

Line up the holes underneath the pistons and push the button.

Move the outer mirror into the path of the beam, then grab the second mirror from the compartment beneath the table.

Place the second mirror into the centre of the smaller ring, and move the first mirror back to its original position.

Solve the simple laser puzzle inside of the key.

Ignore the train door and place the mysterious artifact onto the podium on the right.

This is a slightly more complex version of the other laser puzzle. Focus on getting four lasers in sync as they rotate. Hold two in place then rotate the four other lasers to aim beams at the crystal.

Push the button on top and go through the wooden door for the Release ending.

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