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Red Dead Redemption 2 animal locations: Where to find every species in the Wild West


Although found in many places, there's a greater chance of encountering a chipmunk in the Annesburg region on the east side of the Kamassa River, around Donner Falls north of Bacchus Station, or in Ringneck Creek in northwest Lemoyne.


To hunt this rare bird, you need to search the area just west of Tumbleweed down in New Austin.


This bird likes the water, so you have a good chance of finding one if you look along the east coastline of the island north of Thieves Landing, the Upper Montana River north of Blackwater, or the Lannahechee River coastline southeast of Rhodes.


These big bitey cats can be located west of Big Valley in West Elizabeth, north of Tall Trees, or south of Benedict Point in New Austin.


Cows can often be found in livestock areas, and some good places to look are north of Big Valley in West Elizabeth, between the big bends in the Dakota River southwest of Valentine, or directly north of Saint Denis.


There are many places you can spot a coyote, but if you don't run into one as you roam the plains then take a look in the Cumberland Forest, northwest of Owanjila near Strawberry, or Ringneck Creek in northwest Lemoyne.


Unsurprisingly, you'll find crabs close to water, but only in a few specific locations – check out the main north island in Flat Iron Lake off the coast west of Rhodes, or the islands in the San Luis River southeast of Plainview and south of Rio Del Lobo Rock.


Another bird that likes the water, so take a look in Quaker's Cove south of Blackwater, or across Lagras and Bluewater Marsh north of Saint Denis.


This ubiquitous bird is seen in many place, including Stillwater Creek near Thieves Landing, north of Owanjila near Strawberry, and Bolger Glade southeast of Rhodes.


Deer are everywhere, so you'd be hard pressed to miss them! Look anywhere around Rhodes, or follow the Kamassa River north from Bluewater Marsh, and you'll be sure to find deer.


Another animal that you can be sure to find near water – follow the Dakota River north from Flat Iron Lake, or the Kamassa River along its most western stretch.


If you're searching for a majestic eagle, then some good starting points are the Lower Montana River leading to Aurora Basin west of Tall Trees, east of Owanjila near Strawberry, or the Dakota River south of Cumberland Falls.


This water bird is concentrated in the area around Saint Denis, so check the banks of the Kamasa River to the west or Lagras to the north.


The big deer roam a number of locations around the map, including along the Little Creek River north of Big Valley, Cattail Pond to the south of Grizzlies West, and the Cumberland Forest.


Another animal that's pretty much everywhere on the map, if you don't stumble upon a fox as you explore then the areas to the west or south of Strawberry should see you right.

Gila Monster

These frightening lizards are isolated to the New Austin region, so look around the area between Benedict Pass and Lake Don Julio, or north of Armadillo towards Twin Rocks.


The goat is another animal you can find in livestock situations, so pay a visit to Emerald Ranch in New Hanover, the area north of Van Horn Trading Post, or look around the north end of Saint Denis.


If you're looking to bag a goose, then the mouths of the Dakota River or Upper Montana River at Flat Iron Lake are good places to visit, or the area around the Heartland Overflow in New Hanover.


Gulls naturally gather near large bodies of water, so look for them around the shores of Flat Iron Lake, the outskirts of Saint Denis, and the coast around Van Horn Trading Post.


Hawks are spread out across the whole map, but good places to search for them include north of Owanjila near Strawberry, northwest of Annesburg near the Roanoke Valley, or around Armadillo in New Austin.

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