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QuakeCon 2013 sparks massive game sale on Steam

There's an epic sale now on Steam, with up to 75% off many great Bethesda and id games. It's all to celebrate / promote QuakeCon 2013, which is happening between 1-4 August. You can head over to Steam right now and pick up Skyrim for £11.24, Return to Castle Wolfenstein for £1.49, and Rage for £3.24--and there are loads of other decent games on offer.

The sale is called QuakeCon Day 1, so there may well be different games on offer over the weekend. It's only happening during QuakeCon, though, so we recommend heading over to Steam and filling your virtual boots while you can. If you just want to buy everything, Mr Moneybags, then you can scoop the QuakeCon pack for £57.72 (originally £221.99). That's quite the saving...

Last night, Bethesda announced the release of all core The Elder Scrolls games in a single box. Great for collectors, but bargain hunters can grab Elder Scrolls III, IV and V via Steam right now.