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Will we get a PS5 restock this week? Here's everything you need to know

PS5 restock
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Most likely PS5 restock deals this week

Want to get right into the PS5 restock action? Here are the most likely restocks this week (USA):
Amazon (could be any time)
Walmart (Thursday)
GameStop (could be any time)
Best Buy (Thursday)
Target (Thursday)

Are we staring down the barrel of another PS5 restock today? We won't sugar-coat things - it's not looking particularly good. However, that doesn't mean you should call it a day just yet.

Namely, GameStop still hasn't had a PS5 restock after a post on its Twitter account got folks speculating (the retailer noted that "there are lots of benefits to being a PowerUp Rewards Pro, but one of the best is early access to the new console drops... Just something to think about"). 

Because the chain has offered deals early in the week before, there's a chance it'll surprise us with another drop today, though it's possible that perhaps we're reading into this far too much. Either way, it might be a good idea to sign up for the PowerUp Rewards Pro membership just in case.  

Similarly, Best Buy is overdue a PS5 restock of its own - very overdue. Even though we don't see it breaking cover with the console before Wednesday or Thursday, keeping an eye on the site as this week winds down isn't a bad idea.

Walmart is probably a better candidate for your time, though. The retailer tends to get PS5 restock deals every other Thursday, and it's been one of the most consistent in terms of console stock over the past few months. However, be aware that it's gone on Wednesday in the past and might do so again. Basically, keep your eyes peeled from September 8 to 9.

Antonline's another potential winner for PS5 restocks this week. It had an offer last Tuesday, so could return with another drop today.

Finally, you shouldn't discount Amazon either. It joined the party last week with an unexpected PS5 restock of its own, so there's no telling when it might come back for more - the online giant is almost impossible to predict with PS5 stock, so check in on it every now and then.

Previous PS5 restock dates at retailers

PS5 restock hints and tips

PS5 restock

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PS5 deals aren't easy to come by at the best of times, so it's worth keeping these tips in mind when hunting down the elusive console. They won't guarantee you a system during PS5 restocks, but at least you'll be as prepared as possible.

1. Be patient and refresh the page if the console sells out

This is an important one. Even if you think the console is out of stock after dropping a few minutes beforehand, don't panic. Retailers typically release stock in waves, so refresh the page every now and then - you might get another chance of striking PS5 restock gold.

2. Sign in and get your payment details ready

It sounds obvious, but signing up to your retailer of choice (and making sure your payment details are ready to go) is crucial when it comes to a PS5 restock. Sites can crash or glitch under the weight of traffic, and wasting time filling in details leaves room for you to have to start the transaction all over again for whatever reason - by which time the console may be gone.

3. Prioritise bundles 

Consoles by themselves sell out very fast, but bundles hang around for longer. Not much longer, mind you, but long enough to give shoppers a chance. With that in mind, make a beeline for deals with games or the best PS5 accessories included.

4. Don't pay more than you have to 

A PS5 shouldn't cost more than $499.99 in the USA or £449.99 in the UK, while the Digital Edition is priced at US$399.99/£349.99. There's never a reason to pay more than that unless you're getting a bundle from a retailer you trust, and it's simply not worth buying from shady individuals who buy the console to resell it at an inflated price. Trust us, you'll get another chance from legitimate stores before long - we're seeing PS5 restock deals at least once a week.

5. Keep an eye on social media

If you want to be in the know, follow some stock tracking accounts or curated lists on Twitter. They're a great early-warning system when it comes to PS5 restock deals, so make use of this resource in your hunt for the console.

Which PS5 should you buy?

Check for PS5 restock deals today

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