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Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals: bundles, controllers, games, headsets, and much more

Nintendo Switch Mario Red and Blue
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The Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals are popular every year. The console and everything Nintendo has maintained an incredibly high level of demand even four years after the console's initial release. As a result, you'll still find Switch bundles at the top of wishlists across the world, including those that offer genuine deals on the Switch Lite console.

And what's made it even more demanding, is that the Switch has been tough to find for large parts of this year still - however, Amazon usually brings the goods to Prime Day, but we imagine you'll have to be very quick to get a console itself and prepare for ever-so-slight discounts which technically make up a good Nintendo deal. We'll be providing live updates on the stock situation as we go, but the real winners may be the discounts across games, and accessories like Switch games, headsets, controllers. 

We've also got you covered for other red hot offers today including the latest Prime Day PS5 deals and Prime Day TV deals. But let's get stuck into all things Nintendo below.

Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals - consoles

Looking for a Nintendo Switch deal on Prime Day? We'd suggest looking for the 'standard' model first of all. It can be used on the TV or in handheld mode, it provides maximum flexibility. That means you can seamlessly swap from a Mario Kart tournament on the big screen to a solo session of Breath of the Wild on the sofa.

Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals

The Nintendo Switch Lite is much cheaper than the regular Nintendo Switch, and that's because it can't be used on the TV and must be played in handheld mode only (there are no detachable controllers either). However, it does still play all the same games. What's more, the smaller 5.5-inch screen is just as good and features the same touchscreen interactivity. Basically, the Switch Lite is great if you're just buying for yourself, a child, or as a second console if you already have a regular Switch. It's also perfect if you prefer to game in handheld mode away from the TV.

Mario Kart Live deals

Mario Kart live deals

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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit has been a big hit since releasing recently and has been selling out at most stores in the US, with UK availability being a bit better. It should only cost $99.99 / £99.99 for the home circuit with either a Mario or Luigi kart included, but prices have gone up at some stores. There's a price comparison chart below with the latest prices.

Nintendo Switch Prime Day game deals

Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals

(Image credit: Nintendo)

First-party Nintendo games are notorious for holding their value long after launch, just ask anyone trying to find a cheap price on Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Prime Day is a great time of year to see a deal on a Mario title or Animal Crossing though. We expect plenty of third-party games from other publishers to get some big price-cuts too and we'll be updating this list on a regular basis with our latest findings. Want more right now? Check out our guide to the best cheap Nintendo Switch game sales happening right now.

US deals

Prime Day Nintendo Switch controller deals

Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals controllers

(Image credit: Nintendo)

It's always a good idea to grab extra controllers just in case you want to play multiplayer games. You've got three choices: the standard Joy-Cons you got with the standard console in the first place, the Pro Controller for a more traditional experience, or cheaper third-party alternatives if you want to save cash. We've got the latest offers on all of these below, and you can find more bargains in our guide to cheap Nintendo Switch controller deals.


Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals joy-cons

(Image credit: Nintendo)

You get two Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in the box with the console, so you might not immediately need to buy any more. There are lots of fun four-player party games on the Switch though and you might find you need to pick up an extra pair and Prime Day often gives them a bit of a price drop. Check out the latest prices below. 

Pro Controller

Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals Pro Controller

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is ultimately the best Nintendo Switch controller to use for most 'traditional' games on the console, especially something long-term like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or an RPG. It's damn good, damn popular, and officially made by Nintendo, which is all rather damning news for any hope of a decent discount for most of the year. We'll keep our eyes peeled though and the price comparison widget below is always scanning for reduced Pro controller prices.

Third-party alternatives

Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals controllers

(Image credit: PowerA)

Looking for something a bit cheaper or with a wider range of colors to choose from? We think the PowerA Enhanced Wireless controller is the best third-party option. It lacks vibration or NFC (for Amiibos) features but it has a decent build quality, extra mappable buttons on the back (the official Pro doesn't), and motion-controls too. The wireless models are powered by two AA batteries.

Nintendo Switch Prime Day headset deals

Prime Day Nintendo Switch headset deals

(Image credit: SteelSeries)

We've got a full guide to the best Nintendo Switch headsets if you'd like to have a deep dive into our favorite compatible models for the console. We've picked out a few items from that guide though in our price comparison chart below. So if you're after something to give you the most immersive experience for your games, or you want to speak to your teammates more clearly than your current gear allows, we'll help you find an upgrade that's right for you. We'll add more deals as and when they come in for other models too. 

Prime Day Nintendo Switch SD card deals

SD Card

(Image credit: SanDisk/Nintendo)

SD Cards are an incredibly handy tool for Switch owners. Not only do they allow you to store more games on your Switch, but you can also transfer photos and video clips to them, making it incredibly simple to get in-game capture from your console to a phone or laptop. While we always keep our eye out for the cheapest Nintendo Switch SD cards, here are some of the Prime Day Nintendo Switch SD card offers we've found so far. 

US Deals

UK deals

Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals - cases

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