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£40 off Amazon's Echo Buds gives you a cut-price Alexa on the go in early Prime Day deal

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Whether you're using them for work or play, having a good set of headphones is more important than ever. If you're settled down in front of a screen, the best gaming headsets are likely to be your best bet, but if you're on the move, Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo Buds are perfect, and since there's a £40 saving on them as part of the Amazon Prime Day deals, this is a great time to pick up a pair.

The Echo Buds are wireless, in-ear earbuds that offer great sound quality thanks to both the dual speakers and Bose's Active Noise Reduction technology, which will help you focus on your music rather than all that background noise. They also work hands-free with Amazon Alexa (and tap-to-access with Google Assistant and Siri), letting you take your virtual assistant with you wherever you go. And with plenty of battery life, you'll always have a helping hand nearby.

With three microphones embedded in each Echo Bud, making yourself clear will never be a problem. And if you need to concentrate on something in the real world, it's easy to cut through the noise - sensors in the device will automatically pause playback if you remove an earbud, and double-tapping a Bud will pause the noise-cancelling so you can focus on your surroundings.

Whatever your day holds, the Echo Buds are well-equipped to help out. Three sizes for both the wingtips and ear tips mean you'll always find the perfect fit, and a five-hour battery life (which can extend to 20 hours with the charging case) means that you'll always have a soundtrack.

At their usual retail price of £119.99, the Echo Buds are a fair amount cheaper than Apple's Airpods, but this Prime Day deal makes them cheaper than offerings from the likes of Bose, Jabra, and Samsung.

Amazon Echo Buds Prime Day deal

Alexa can already help out with an awful lot, but the service is also learning new skills all the time, which means the Echo Buds will only get more useful over time. And if you don't want anyone listening in, you can easily mute the Buds' built-in microphones via the Alexa app.

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