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Pokemon Go players will be able to vote for September and October Community Day featured Pokemon

(Image credit: Niantic)

Pokemon Go players will be able to vote on community day events can, Niantic has confirmed

As revealed in a tweet from Pokemon Go, you'll be able to vote for Charmander, Caterpie, Grimer, or Porygon for the next community day events in September and October, and more information about the impending vote is set to come soon. If you've been eager to catch a shiny variant of the four Pokemon candidates, this is truly your moment.

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The most recent Magikarp Community Day saw everyone's favourite splashing fish Pokemon take centre stage just last week on August 8. Yes, much to everyone's surprise, it finally happened. Appearing more frequently in the wild, trainers had the chance to encounter a shiny gold-tinted variant of Magikarp, and if you evolved the water Pokemon during the event, you could get your hands on a Gyarados with the Aqua Tail move. 

This week we'll also see the start of the Pokemon Go Unova week event, which is set to start today, August 14 at 1pm PDT, and run until August 21. Following on from Pokemon Go Dragon Week, the Unova Week event will see the debut appearance of Pokemon who originally appeared in the Unova region, including the Bug/ Steel type mythical Pokemon, Genesect, who will be featuring in five-star raids. 

You also have the chance to encounter a shiny Genesect, and you may also find a shiny Roggenrola. And finally, players in New York City will be able to catch fighting Pokemon Bouffalant, who will be popping up in the wild during the event. 

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