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Outriders PS5 and Xbox Series X performance comparison video shows the best place to play

An Outriders PS5 and Xbox Series X|S performance comparison video will help you choose which console you want to play on, but the early results show you really can't go wrong.

VG Tech put footage from all three consoles back to back for a performance comparison video, starting with the same (or as similar as possible) scenes played on Xbox Series S, then Series X, then finishing with PS5. The immediate good news for frame rate fiends is that all three consoles barely ever strayed from a rock-solid 60 frames per second in the tests, dipping down just a handful of frames at most during intense cinematics.

As for resolution results, it looks like Xbox Series X narrowly beats PS5 with a higher maximum dynamic resolution of about 3456x1944 compared to PS5's max of 3008x1692, and the same minimum resolution sticking to 1920x1080 in either case. Xbox Series X also tended to keep a higher dynamic resolution in demanding scenes. Both Xbox consoles had more foliage details than PS5, while PS5 seems to offer superior texture filtering compared to both the Xbox systems.

Outriders is also available on PS4 and Xbox One, so it's no big surprise that it can use the extra performance headroom of new-gen systems to keep things both extra pretty and extra smooth.

If you're already playing, watch out for an Outriders bug that is wiping players' weapons and armor.

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