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Olivia Wilde joins Tron 2.0

House co-star Olivia Wilde and Turistas’ Beau Garrett are the first official cast members to join the new Tron sequel.

While recent reports have it changing its name to TR2N, The Hollywood Reporter has it stilled named Tron 2.0. Guess we’ll have to wait until it actually hits our screens to find out what Disney has settled on.

Olivia Wilde – currently to be found acting on House – and her Turistas co-star Beau Garrett have signed on for director Joseph Kosinski, who plans to start shooting in the spring.

The fight continues

The director and his producers are keeping the main plot a secret, but we do know that Wilde will be a worker in the compu-world who helps to fight the villainous Master Control Program (played in the original and hopefully again by David Warner).

Garrett, meanwhile, will be bringing extra sex appeal to the film.

And given that he cropped up in Kosinki’s test footage, causing a stir at Comic Con this year, we’re hopeful that original star Jeff Bridges will return in some capacity.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter ]

Question: Who would you cast to wear the spangly electro-pants this time round?