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NX doesn't exist yet but here's your chance to win one autographed by Shigeru Miyamoto

Nintendo and Uniqlo are partnering up for the clothing company's annual T-shirt design competition, and part of their grand prize is a Nintendo NX autographed by Shigeru Miyamoto himself. That $10,000 (or your regional equivalent) payout also sounds pretty nice, but the idea of entering a T-shirt contest to win a console before we know anything about it is just too perfect.

Home console, handheld, hybrid, VR? No idea. The only thing we can say for sure about the winner's NX is that it will have some ink from the original Mario Maker on it. But back to the contest, here's a sizzle reel from Nintendo and Uniqlo to get your creative juices bubbling.

Not every Nintendo series is up for consideration, so make sure your design sticks to characters from one (or more) of these: Super Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Star Fox, Pikmin, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Splatoon. If you have a rad idea for a Devil World shirt you'd better hold on to it for now.

Miyamoto and "the Nintendo Special Judges team" will choose the winners and present the awards in spring 2017. That's also when NX is set to launch, so you probably won't get to start playing early just because you made a rad shirt. But you will get to know Miyamoto's hand graced your console every time you boot it up.

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