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Nintendo Switch firmware update hints at Bluetooth headphone support

Nintendo Switch
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Data miners have uncovered evidence that there could be some big changes coming to the Nintendo Switch, including Bluetooth audio support.

First reported by NintendoLife (opens in new tab), this information comes to us from a well-known Nintendo data miner called OatmealDome (opens in new tab) who posted screenshots to their Twitter, clearly showing the addition of audio support for the Nintendo Switch’s Bluetooth drivers. This would allow Switch users to finally sync up their wireless headphones to the console, which is a hugely requested feature. 

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The driver update was spotted after the recent Firmware 12.0.0 update to the Switch, which on the surface seemed like a relatively minor update that fixed some backend bugs. Currently, Switch users can only connect wired headphones to the console, and the connection port is on the bottom of the device, which isn’t ideal for people who want to play with the console docked and use headphones. Still, even OatmealDome cautions that this may not be activated by Nintendo. 

We contacted Nintendo about the update and will update the article if they respond.

This follows on from yesterday’s news which noted that Firmware update 12.0.0 potentially hinted at a new Switch model in the near future. It’s unknown whether this just refers to an updated Nintendo Switch SKU, or the long-rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro. There have been rumors and clues pointing towards a new Switch SKU for months though, even if Nintendo keeps denying its existence.

Nintendo didn’t give particularly detailed notes about the changes made in this firmware update. In fact, it was just one short paragraph and bullet point that pointed to a general save data backup issue fix. You can read the full firmware update notes here.

If there is a new Nintendo Switch model coming, you’re going to need games to play on it so check out our roundup of upcoming Switch games.

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