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Nintendo reportedly plans on bringing more 3DS series to the Switch

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The 3DS all but died a quiet death when the portable hybrid Switch released in early 2017, but it sounds like more of the handheld's popular franchises will be making their way over to the Switch in the future. The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki reports that in the wake of the strictly-portable Nintendo Switch Lite's current success, Nintendo plans on bringing more 3DS games to the Switch hardware to emphasize the Lite's "appeal." 

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Indeed, despite the persisting Joy-Con drift making its way over to the redesigned Switch Lite, the new handheld's sales figures suggest it's a hit with consumers. Nintendo recently reported in its quarterly earnings report that the smaller, lighter version of the Switch sold nearly two million units during its first 11 days on the market. It only makes sense that Nintendo would want to capitalize on that success by bringing more handheld-oriented experiences to the Switch Lite to further boost its value as a standalone system.

Mochizuki uses the word "franchises," but it's clear he's referring to 3DS-exclusive Nintendo IPs. What isn't so clear is whether he's referring to remakes of 3DS exclusives or continuations of 3DS-exclusive series. No specifics were given, but I can think of a few series I'd love to see make their way over to the Switch in HD - chiefly, Kid Icarus: Uprising, but also Super Mario 3D Land, Bravely Default, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

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