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New promo imagery for Riddick

Riddick has released a pair of new promo images ahead of Comic-Con, both of which feature what appears to be the titular mercenary’s new pet.

Our favourite anti-hero might usually be a lone wolf, but it seems he’s got company this time around, in the form of a “primal animal Furyan”. Or “space-wolf”, as we prefer.

As it happens, Riddick can use all the help he can get as he finds himself marooned on a hostile planet populated by a race of bloodthirsty aliens.

Forced to send up a distress flare, Riddick succeeds in little more than alerting a posse of rival mercenaries to his presence, all of whom are keen on cashing in the bounty on his head.

Directed by David Twohy and co-starring Vin Diesel, Kate Sackhoff and Karl Urban, Riddick will open in the US on 6 September 2013, with a UK date to be confirmed.

George Wales
George is GR's resident movie news person, based out of London. He understands that all men must die, but he'd rather not think about it.