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New Pokemon Snap interactive map shows off the expansive Lental Region

New Pokemon Snap
(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

A New Pokemon Snap interactive website gives us a sneak peek at the Lental Region ahead of launch next week.

You can visit the interactive teaser website for yourself right now over at (opens in new tab). If you're unaware, the Lental Region is the land in which New Pokemon Snap takes place, where we'll be journeying to uncover and then take perfect snapshots of some 'mons.

From the map screen on the interactive website itself, you can click on any number of different locations to learn about the various Pokemon roaming around. You can also earn some special My Nintendo Platinum Points while venturing around the new website, and Nintendo has also stated that some New Pokemon Snap-related items will be up for grabs soon.

Additionally, you'll unlock a new photo frame each time you visit one of the eight locations on the interactive map. As demonstrated by the photo of the incredibly cute dog just below, you can then take these photo frames and add them to any existing photos on your phone or PC.

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Over the past few weeks, Nintendo has been gradually showcasing more and more of the Lental Region in New Pokemon Snap, as we draw closer to the final launch of the new game. Previously, we discovered that this new region will feature four distinctive biomes: desert, jungle, forest, and ocean regions.

As you'd expect, this is where you can find Pokemon that roughly corresponding to the surrounding climate. For example, you stand pretty good chance of stumbling across a Squirtle in the ocean area of the Lental Region, or a Chikorita in its woodland reaches.

Speaking of, New Pokemon Snap's director recently spoke about how hard it is to select which creatures to feature in the game. The development team at Nintendo thought carefully about which Pokemon would naturally fit into the four biomes, and went from there, culminating in over 200 creatures starring in the forthcoming game.

New Pokemon Snap launches next Friday on April 30, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. If you're getting that 90's nostalgia itch from seeing the game, there's not long now until we'll be playing the revival for ourselves.

If you're looking to place an order for Nintendo's new game before it launches next Friday, head over to our pre-order New Pokemon Snap guide for the cheapest prices around.

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