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New Pokemon Snap gameplay shows off the new Lental region

New Pokemon Snap
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Brand new New Pokemon Snap gameplay has debuted today, showing off an entirely new region for the upcoming game.

Just below, you can check out the overview trailer for New Pokemon Snap, which debuted earlier today through Nintendo's Japanese YouTube account. While we can't provide a translation for the trailer, we can see that it explores a brand new region for the snapshotting game, called the Lental Region. From the looks of the trailer, it appears as though the region will be comprised of a desert, jungle, ocean, and forest, which is sure to provide some varied Pokemon.

In the new gameplay overview, we can see the player moving around in a first-person perspective while using their camera lens to zoom in on various Pokemon. There's a Pikachu on a beach for example, which the player lures in by throwing down an apple, causing the electric mouse to stay still for just long enough for the perfect shot. 

Additionally, two brand new TV commercials have begun airing in Japan for New Pokemon Snap. One focuses on the legendary Lugia, while the other takes aim at the fearsome Machamp. It looks like you'll really have to go the extra mile if you want to get the perfect shot of some legendary creatures in action.

New Pokemon Snap launches later on April 30 for the Nintendo Switch. Just recently, it was revealed through a store listing that the new game will take up just 6.8GB on your Nintendo Switch, a far cry from the somewhat larger install sizes of Pokemon Sword and Shield, both of which come in at around 11GB. Thanks to the store listing, we also know that New Pokemon Snap will have online functions of some sort, but these remain a mystery for the time being.

For the best deals on pre-ordering the new game, head over to our pre-order New Pokemon Snap guide for the cheapest prices currently available.

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