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New I Am Alive trailer goes in for the kill

In order to keep breathing in I Am Alive, players will have to contend with a host of post-apocalyptic looters, wackos, and psychopaths. Luckily, the main character Adam Collins will be adequately equipped to hold his own in combat. At least, that's what we're led to believe from Ubisoft's latest gameplay trailer.

I Am Alive picks up after the events of a catastrophic earthquake which leaves Chicago in ruins, and its citizens in a state of desperation. As Adam, players will be tasked with leading his daughter to safety, and helping the more noble survivors pick up the pieces of their broken world.

This trailer follows December's “The Rules” video, which is also a helpful tutorial for surviving Ubisoft's apocalypse. For a first-hand account, make sure to check GR's latest preview.

I Am Alive is excepted to arrive on XBLA as part of Microsoft's 2012 House Party on February 22.