Neverdead achievement and trophy guide

Evacuation Plan

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Get all the civilians to the chopper

During Agency HQ, you will come out to a wide open area outside with a few civilians running around. If you see them take a knee, run over and revive them before their little health icon fills red. If you manage to keep all of them alive until the helicopter appears, this will be yours.

Ever Dead

40 Points/ Silver Trophy

Complete the game on easy difficulty

It’s just as the description says. If you want to take it easy, this is the path for you. Playing on easy will allow you to finish the game in about 6 hours with little trouble.

Explosive Personality

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Blow up 35 enemies in the Asylum using barrels

During your time through the Asylum chapter, you will notice that there are tons of red gas cylinders spread throughout the level. Try to lure the gangs of puppies near them and then shoot the tank to take out large numbers of them in one go. If you don’t get all 35 in one play through, simply replay the chapter to get the remaining ones.

Eye for an eye

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Defeat Astaroth, King of Hell

This is part of the main story and cannot be missed. It will be acquired at the end of Demon’s Nest.

Four-to-one Odds

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Defeat Quad Jaw

This is part of the main story and cannot be missed. It will be acquired at the end of Museum.

Frail Friend

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Win a Fragile Alliance challenge

For this mode, you will face off against other players instead of working together. Capture the most points by the end of the round and complete the challenge to get the achievement/trophy.

Funky Dunker

30 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Put head through all basketball hoops.

Throughout the campaign, there are some hoops that you can toss your head through. While not all of them are the “standard” basketball hoop, you can tell if you hit it by Bryce’s reaction. The video will show each basket location, but each chapter has one hoop to find.

Asylum - This is hard to miss but it’s a normal basketball net in the corner just outside the room with the fireplace.

Museum - Just past the first area, there is a red tube alongside some scaffolding. Make your way to the top and then toss your head in the tube.

Police Station - At the end of the chapter, on the bottom floor and in the far left corner, there will be some shelving. Toss your head up there and then up again to the platform behind it and find a hoop hanging in the corner.

Sewer - After you fight the Hippo, you will need to toss your head into some vents that you can move with levers. If you snagged the collectible in these vents, then you will have gotten the hoop as well since they seem to go off at the same time.

Streets to the Church - Once your head pops off the bridge and you land on the street, there will be a basketball court to the left side.

Agency HQ - Near the end of the chapter, you will enter a room that has a staircase in the center and flames all about. There will be 3 hoops on the wall behind the stairs.

Destroyed Streets - being probably the trickiest since it is almost right at the end of the chapter. When you get near the whirlwind, go to the left and look for the basketball hoop.

Demon’s Nest - When you enter the building at the start, there will be a ledge on the far right side. The hoop will be on the backside of the column.

Group Hug

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Kill 5 enemies with a single arm explosion

During the Asylum chapter, you will come out to a garden with a couple Wombs that toss out a good number of puppies at once. Purchase the Explosive Limbs skill and then toss your arm towards a couple of the puppies. The puppies apparently love your arms and will chase after it. When there are enough gathered, detonate it for the goods.

Hop, Skip and Jump

10 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Hop, roll and jump...

This is just as the description says. To nab it, you’ll need to be missing one leg so that you are hopping about. Once you are, press B/Circle to roll and the A/X to jump and voila, all done.

Insurance Fraud

10 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Destroy $100,000 worth of objects

This achievement/trophy should pop at around halfway through the Museum chapter (Police station is going for the Antiquatarian achievement/trophy). Just smash and shoot everything you can and it will appear sooner rather than later.

Let There be Light

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Light all the sewer barrels

Just after you start the sewers chapter, you will need to light yourself on fire to light the way. In the first section, there will be two large room and stairs and corridor that connect them. In these rooms, you will find 13 barrels to light. Once you have raised the lift and dropped down the center of the main room, you will then have 17 more barrels to light in this area. The barrels aren’t hard to find and there’s none that are hiding in any out of the way secret places. Simply keep an eye open and you’ll come across them all easily.

Level Up

25 Points/ Silver Trophy

Purchase 50% of the abilities

There are 70 abilities in total to purchase, so to get this achievement/trophy, you’ll only need to purchase 35 of them. You can sort the skills by cost, so making the cheapest appear at the top of the list for a quick buy can help.