Neverdead achievement and trophy guide

The possibilities of achievements that one could attain if they could dismember their own body would seem to be endless. However, sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the lot from Neverdead. While some of the achievements and trophies are fun- like throwing your head through basketball hoops- some are just downright elusive in how to obtain them.

We have put together this guide to help you get the more troublesome of the achievements and trophies out of the way, as well as the best places to snag them, to try and make the hunt a little less frustrating and hopefully, a little more fun.

A pain in the ass!

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Defeat the Sword Pig

This is part of the main story and cannot be missed. It will be acquired at the end of Asylum.


25 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Destroy less than 25% of the museum exhibits

This can be a rather tricky achievement to get. The best thing to do is to always use the blade and stay away from EVERYTHING. Walls and items in the Museum act as though they are made from straw and bubblegum. They crumble with the slightest breeze, so make sure you don’t fire you gun off all willy nilly, allowing stray bullets to destroy the exhibits.

Big Spender

50 Points/ Gold Trophy

Purchase all abilities

To purchase all the abilities in the game you will need to get 13,000,000 experience points. 3 million will just be for the skills that are visible, but once all those are bought, there will be one that is unlocked and will cost 10 million XP to purchase. Surprise!

Boulder Dodge

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Dodge the boulders

During Demon’s Nest, when you enter the building and make your way up the lobby, there will be large balls that will appear and roll downwards. They come in sets of two and are easily avoidable. When you continue up the stairs, there will be another set to avoid. When you have made it all the way to the elevator without being struck by one of the balls, this achievement/trophy will pop.


20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Kill an enemy with Fire

This is a rather easy one to get. Simply set yourself ablaze with a fuel pipe or burning barrel and then attack and kill an enemy.


50 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Unlock all Prestige Badges

To unlock all of the Prestige badges, you will need to play each of the different multiplayer modes on both normal and hardcore.

Criminal Damages

25 Points/ Silver Trophy

Destroy $1,000,000 of objects

This achievement is a little odd and we're not quite sure if it is bugged or not. Considering all the damage you can do throughout the course of the game (you can even blow up a helicopter!) this achievement takes it sweet time to pop. The difficult thing about this is that there is no counter that lets you know just how much damage you have caused. We're not sure if there is a bug with the achievement but we played through the game and then several chapters NUMEROUS times and this achievement still never popped. We then played through the entire game again, destroying every single thing we could, and it still didn’t show. Considering the achievement/trophy for $100,000 damage usually dings at around the Museum, one should be able to get this in one play through, but it doesn’t seem to want to work that way.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Explore all of Arcadia's Apartment

You will visit Arcadia’s apartment 3 times throughout the course of the game, and each time you need to make sure you grab the red gems that appear. The first time you visit will be after the Sewers Chapter. When you arrive, interact with the items (fridge, washer, chair, bed, toilet, shower, sink, dresser, vent behind picture above fire place, hole behind mirror in the bedroom, and the vent in the floor at the foot of the bed) and then toss your head on the couch between Arcadia and Nikki. The second time you arrive, at the end of Streets to the Church, repeat the same interactions, but this time grab the red gem from under the bed. The third and final time, at the end of Agency HQ, repeat the interactions and grab the red gem behind the couch.


20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Take a trip down memory lane

This is part of the main story and cannot be missed. It will be acquired at the end of Prologue.

Don't Stop, Look or Listen

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Dodge the traffic on the bridge

At the beginning of The Streets to the Church, you will head along a bridge where some taxis will start to come at you. Simply jump and dodge out of the way of them, until you reach the subway car that crashes into the roadway. You can use the sprint ability to make this even easier.

Easter Bunny

20 Points/ Bronze Trophy

Win an Egg Hunt challenge

One of the rather odd modes for the multiplayer, but you will face off against other players to be the first to find and return ten eggs. Once you complete the challenge, the points are yours.

Endangered Species

20 Points/ Silver Trophy

Kill 8 panda bears

During the course of the campaign, you will come across 4 Pandas. The easiest way to rack up the extra 4 is to replay the Destroyed Streets chapter since you fight 2 at once, right at the very start, and can lure them into the lava to finish them off quickly.

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