NBA 2K7 tilts at PS3's net

Tuesday 10 October 2006
NBA 2K7 will take advantage of PS3's SixAxis tilt-sensitive controller for free throws when it's released for PS3 next March and, with five-on-five online play and super slick next-gen graphics (check the images tab for more), the basketball sim seems to be shaping up nicely.

While the series has traditionally used two arrows aligned through subtle squeezing of analogue triggers to send the ball on to the court, PS3 players will be able to make a throwing motion with the pad. Obviously, you shouldn't let go - you'll just need to tilt the pad forward quickly without dipping to the left or right. Your opponent can shake their pad to make the screen wobble while you're trying to concentrate. Should be fun.

2K7 also boasts (for the first time in a basketball game) individual signature styles for every single player in the game. With a player roster as large as the NBA's, it will be interesting to see how noticeable these personal traits are during the game but, if done right, it should add a genuine next-gen feel to play.

Above: The 2K series has always looked great, but next-gen graphics make it look almost real

There will be a 'street' mode (please stifle your groans) with a plotline that sees you proving your worth against NBA's elite, although how this will sit alongside the straight-laced simulation remains to be seen.

Interestingly, the game can support up to seven players on one console and five-on-five online play exclusive to PS3, which publisher 2K Sports says is due to "PlayStation 3's ability to support the most simultaneous players". Well, at least someone's got the hang of PS3's network capabilities.

With new create-a-player technology, improved special moves, online tournaments and season-long character stat evolution, this should be the most comprehensive NBA game on the shelves. Until 2K8, of course.