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Monster Hunter Tri: Complete monster and item drop guide [UPDATE]

Great Jaggi

Type: Bird Wyvern
Threat: 3
Weak Point: Legs, Head
Elemental Weakness: Fire

Item Drops
From Body: Great Jaggi Hide, Great Jaggi Claw, Screamer, Jaggi Scale, Jaggi Hide+ (High Rank Only), Bird Wyvern Claw
Quest Reward: Screamer, Great Jaggi Hide, Great Jaggi Claw,Bird Wyvern Claw (High Rank Only), Bird Wyvern Gem
Special Reward: (Destroy Frills) Screamer, King's Frill, Bird Wyvern Gem (High Rank Only)
Glitter Drop: Wyvern Tear, Jaggi Scale,Great Jaggi Hide+ (High Rank Only)

The big daddy of the Jaggi family. The Great Jaggi is one really tough cookie. Fast, hard to kill and generally accompanied by a horde of lesser Jaggis, bringing a Great Jaggi down is a feat of patience and skill. The first step to killing this beast is to take out its companions. You want to be able to focus all of your attention on the Great Jaggi itself, something that's hard to do when you have a bunch of other baddies nipping at you. After you've killed them all, it's time to fight the Great Jaggi itself.

It has three main attacks: It can bite you, tackle you and whip you with its tail. The bite and tackle are relatively easy to avoid as the Great Jaggi will generally need a running start to do either. In other words, you'll have some prior warning. The tail whip however is used as more of a defensive move against your attacks. When you get in close the Great Jaggi will spin in a circle to hit you with its tail. It does this frequently and it eats a chunk of your health. You can try to roll out of the way, but it requires a bit of practice to get the timing right.

Attack its legs, as it prone to falling over if they take enough damage. The major thing to remember when fighting the Great Jaggi is to be patient. He has a lot of hit points and will take awhile to bring down, especially earlier in the game. If you rush in, you'll be flattened. So just take your time, and wear him down.


Type: Lynian
Threat: 1
Weak Point: None Discernible
Elemental Weakness: None Discernable

Item Drop
From Body: Throwing Knife, First-aid Med, EZ Flash Bomb

If ever there was a monster designed to make you feel like a jerk, it's the Felyne. Small, cute and cuddly looking, the Felyne is generally content to just sit there doing cat stuff. It will only attack when you provoke it. Its small size and speed make it nimble and a bit harder to hit with heavier weapons. Even so, no matter what you're using it won't put up much of a real fight. Watch the ground around where you defeat them. If you see a shimmer or sparkle, the Felyne has dropped some loot you can pick up. If you have any Felvine on you, you can use it to make the Felyne follow you.


Type: Lynian
Threat: 2
Weak Point: None Discernible
Elemental Weakness: None Discernible

Item Drop
From Body: Ration, Mini Oxy Supply, EZ Shock Trap

Similar to the Felyne in both appearance and tactics, the Melynx is a bit more curious and may even steal some of your items if you fight it. Treat it as you would the Felyne and it should go down fairly easily. Again, watch the ground around where it disappears if you see any sort of flicker, it has dropped an item. Also if you have any Felvine, it will get them a bit tipsy, sometimes coaxing them to drop valuable items.


Type: Flying Wyvern
Threat: 2
Weak Point: None
Discernible Elemental Weakness: Fire

Item Drop
From Body: Giggi Stinger, Velvety Hide, Monster Fluid, Flabby Hide (High Rank Only), Monster Broth

Giggi's are pretty easy to deal with, assuming you have a torch. With a torch equipped they'll actually try to run away and won't attack you. If you don't however, the Giggi becomes pretty annoying. They're small, moderately fast and if you don't dodge their attacks they latch on to you and leech your health. In short, if Giggi's are around bring a torch.


Type: Herbivore
Threat: 1
Weak Point: Head
Elemental Weakness: None Discernible

Item Drop
From Body: Raw Meat, Hydro Hide, Monster Guts

The Epioth is one of the first water bound creatures you'll encounter is also one of the easiest. To defeat the Epioth, just swim up to it and smack it around. In no time at all it will be floating belly-up ready for you to harvest from its body. They will defend themselves with some tail spins and bites if attacked, but overall these aren't very effective and they will succumb quickly when pressed.