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Monopoly: The Movie?

We can just see the trailer now: open on darkness, then the gravel-gargling trailer bloke intones: “He thought he could get rich by playing the property market. But he rolled the dice… and lost. In 2010, Ashton Kutcher will not collect £200. He will go straight… to jail! Monopoly. Play the game.”

Okay, perhaps not, but a film based on anything from Monopoly to Battleship to Magic: The Gathering is now up for grabs as Universal have just signed a six-year partnership to develop game-based movies.

It’s a smart, if odd move – video games don’t seem to be generating winners, so why not try board games?

Of course, they sadly won’t get two of the toy company’s hottest properties: Transformers and GI Joe, as those have already been snapped up by Paramount. But your dreams of a Trivial Pursuit-themed thriller just got a step closer to reality. Check The Hollywood Reporter for all the PR release goodness you could want.

Source: ( Hollywood Reporter )