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Meg Ryan joins Lives Of The Saints

Kat Dennings

Meg Ryan, John Lithgow, Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson, Joe Anderson and Kat Dennings have all joined the cast of drama Lives Of The Saints .

Director Chris Rossi has snapped up the ragtag bunch of stars just in time to begin shooting the connect-the-dots redemption drama on 13 November in Los Angeles.

Tracing over the blueprints of films like Short Cuts and Crash , the flick will follow the interconnecting lives of a group of LA residents who are all seeking deliverance from past misdemeanours.

Though the plot sounds predictable as punch (and, yeah, sort of naff), we can’t help casting our eyes back over that cast list. Dennings is a mean new talent, having impressed in Nick & Norah (we’ll see her next in Thor ), while we’ve yet to meet anybody who doesn’t love John Lithgow.

If Rossi really is going for an Altman-esque sprawling epic, at least his cast have the kind of dramatic balls required.