Mario Kart Tour beta: Apply now and start playing on May 22


Nintendo's getting in gear for a Mario Kart Tour beta and you can sign up now if you meet the requirements. The mobile version of the biggest kart-racing franchise on Earth will be available for testing on Android devices for American and Japanese users who have both Google Play and Nintendo Accounts. If that's you, make sure you apply soon - Nintendo's only taking applications for a limited time.

How do I apply to the Mario Kart Tour beta?

First things first: the beta will only be available on Android devices. If you have one, use it to head to the game's official website and press the big "See details here" button. Then you'll need to scroll all the way down, confirm the checkboxes (see the next paragraph for an important caveat) then hit the "Apply with Nintendo Account" button.

Did you notice that one of the boxes mentions your Nintendo Account and Google Play account must use the same email address? Don't blow that off! Nintendo says you won't be able to download the beta client if they don't match. If you don't use the same email address for both, the easiest solution will be to log in to your Nintendo Account, hit the "edit" button next to email address, and follow the steps to change it over. The application window will close after May 7 at 7:59 pm PDT / 10:59 pm EDT.

When can I play the Mario Kart Tour beta?

The beta period is currently planned to last for two weeks: May 22 to June 4. Nintendo says dates may change without prior notice, but we'll keep you updated here if the schedule changes. Should be a fun way to kill some downtime over the long Memorial Day weekend if everything goes according to plan.

What's in the Mario Kart Tour beta?

Nobody knows. Nintendo even says right on the application page that it "will not respond to inquiries regarding the content or implementation of the closed beta test". That's par for the (race) course since we haven't seen anything about Mario Kart Tour yet besides its logo. Presumably there are go-karts, and Mario can drive them? Hopefully Luigi and the rest of the gang too? We'll just have to wait and see!

When is Mario Kart Tour's full version coming?

If you can't get into the beta test, or if you're already planning on loving it so much that you won't be able to stand not playing after it ends, you won't have to wait too much longer. Mario Kart Tour is planned for a full release sometime in Summer 2019.

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