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Man accused of using Xbox Live to lure underage girls 'for immoral purposes'

Clueless newscasters and politicians take note, here's another unfortunate story to use as fodder for your next "Wha? I didn't know video games could do that" discussion. This one comes from a man in Saline, Michigan who is accused of finding teens and pre-teens over Xbox Live.

According to authorities, the 20-year-old suspect allegedly met girls between the ages of 11 and 14 through the online game service, and managed to meet some in real life.

On one occasion, police say a female middle school student brought a condom into school which she said the suspect gave her. In another report, he allegedly drove two girls he met on XBL to a strip club, though they did not go inside. In that case, he reportedly bought sex toys for them.

Because there is no allegation of any actual sexual conduct, the strongest sentence he could face right now is four years in prison for "attempting to accost children for immoral purposes."

[Source: My Fox Detroit]

Mar 29, 2011