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Mafia 3 E3 teaser has boats, brawling, and burlesque on the bayou

Mafia 3 won't get its full E3 presentation until Sunday, but you can still see a pretty good slice of it in this 30 second teaser trailer. It's good to see Vietnam veteran Lincoln Clay makes time for underground boxing and burlesque shows between revenge-killing mobsters.

You can see Lincoln going subterranean boating with some of his pals about halfway through the trailer. Assuming it's not just a cutscene, that would make this the first Mafia game to let you drive anything other than a car. Airboats also seem like a foregone conclusion, giving the bayou setting. Just imagine the propeller fatalities!

2K Games will stream an extended Mafia 3 presentation starting at 5:30 PM PDT Sunday / 1:30 am BST Monday. The game will be released on October 7 in the US and UK.

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