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Limited Edition State of Play PS4 with Black Ops 4 only £269.99 for Prime Day

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

If you're looking to get your gaming paws on a shiny new PS4, then why not pick up one that isn't just a generic black box. As part of the best Amazon Prime Day deals, Amazon has the Limited Edition State of Play 1TB PS4 console, complete with a copy of Black Ops 4, for just £269.99. That's down from the RRP of just under £305, which is quite the saving - especially for this lovely and rather exclusive version of the console. 

Limited Edition State of Play 1TB PS4 with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 | £269.99 at Amazon (was £305)
This 1TB PS4 Slim is a glorious limited edition version released for State of Play to celebrate E3, so jump on this deal while stocks last.View Deal

This Limited Edition console comes with a steel black colour scheme, with the PlayStation shapes emblazoned across the top in a silver embossed design. It's quite the eye-catching beast. It also comes with a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller, and the latter can't be purchased separately - making it quite the must have item. 

This version of Black Ops 4 comes with an exclusive in-game Calling Card and two hours of double XP - aka 2XP - which will arrive in an email around 48 hours after you purchase this console bundle. 

If this particular bundle doesn't float your boat, make sure to check out our constantly updated picks of the best PS4 bundle deals to see what other offers are on the table. 

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