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Like pervy games, but don't like people knowing? Pervy 360 shooter has a hilarious solution. You perv

Gal Gun, if you didn't know, is a rail shooter in which you blast anime schoolgirls with a pheremone gun in order to repel their amourous advances while you search for your true love. They make rather suspect moans when you do. And there's a close-up shooting mode, which isn't at all there just for pantsu potential. Essentially, porn for cowards. And what do all porn cowards need? A handy way of disguising their entertainment of choice when accusing onlookers walk in. Gal Gun has one, and it's a corker.

Above: From this...

Currently dubbed the 'Mom Has Come Screen', a quick stab of the designated button (yeah, it has its own button) activates the feature, which immediately replaces the in-game action with an 8-bit RPG, complete with plinky NES soundtrack. It's a very special kind of genius, and I have to applaud it. Though to be fair, surely your mum is going to wonder why the hell you're playing a NES game on your 360. Though also to be fair, ifa glorified8-bit screen saver convices her that she imagined all that porn noise from outside your door, you mum is probably pretty gullible to start with.

Above: To this!

Genius? Twisted? Twisted genius? You decide.

Andriasang, you never disappoint.

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