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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Gold Brick locations guide


Gold Brick #1

You'll find Ace the Bat-Hound on the right side of the cave. He wants you to accompany Batgirl as they go save a "kid stuck in a well." Follow the two of them up to the computer, taking out the henchman along the way. You'll earn a Gold Brick for it.

Gold Brick #2

You'll find Ace again near the computer. Once again, he needs to save the "kid stuck in the well." Bust up the nearby box and build the pieces into a turnstile. Push this to free Mr. Mxyzptlk from the nearby well, finishing the quest.

Gold Brick #3

You'll find Kevin Smith in the middle of the main cave; he needs a polar bear for a scene he's filming. To do this, head to the Character Customizer and select the Polar Bear Hat and Polar Bear Costume, then return to Smith with these on to complete the quest.

Gold Brick #4

Head down the elevator the lab, and you'll meet Bat-Cow. She's looking for a cow-like sidekick, which means you'll need a special handmade character. Head to the Character Customizer and select the Cow Hat and Cow Costume, then return to Bat-Cow with these on to complete the quest.

Gold Brick #5

Return to Bat-Cow to be given a new quest: VR training. You can enter these missions via the nearby door. To complete the mission, simply defeat all enemies. The first set only die when knocked off of the platform; the second set goes in one hit, but you must dodge their shockwave attacks. Get through these and scale the moving stairs to exit the session and finish the quest.

Gold Brick #6

Mister Mxyzptlk can be found the lab next, and he needs help with Detective Chimp. Use a sensory character on the various sense spots and trace the hidden footsteps to a patch of dirt. Dig this up for a gold-locked chest, then open it with a laser character. This will finish the quest and earn you a brick.

Gold Brick #7

Next in the lab is a returning Kevin Smith, who's ready to film his polar bear movie. Hop into the VR lab to do it. Once inside, you have to lose the fight to Superboy to finish the mission. To do this, hop to the platform that glows red and let him land three attacks.

Gold Brick #8

Smith will be in the lab again, and this time he needs help stopping Toyman's VR tampering. Hop into the VR lab, then fight your way through the series of platforms and enemies to finish.

Gold Brick #9

Now you'll find Smith in the main cave; Catwoman has stolen has footage. Use sensory character on the nearby sense spot, then follow the stud trail to encounter Catwoman. Follow the trail of studs and sense spots (you'll have to bust up some boxes to create some spots), and you'll eventually find the footage. Return it to Smith to finish the quest.

Gold Brick #10

When you next talk to Smith in the main cave, Polka-Dot Man will show up. Take him and his cronies out to finish the quest.

Gold Brick #11

Now Nightwing shows up in the main cave. Help him take out goons as your "sidekick" to win a brick.

Gold Brick #12

Mxyzptlk has returned, this time in the Trophy Room. He needs helping solving The Riddler's riddle, so head just north to the green hourglass - you'll see a handle next to it. Pull this to solve the riddle and win a brick.

Gold Brick #13

For the last quest, you'll find Aquaman down by the water (duh). When Black Manta shows up, you'll need a frost character to stop him. Freeze the cold spots in the water to stun him, dodge his pounces onto the dock, and land a hit before he returns to the water. Three hits, he goes down, and another brick is yours.

Gold Brick #14

In the main cave, hop way down into the water and head east. Over here are five bouncing rocks. Destroy on to start a timer; destroy the rest before it runs out for a brick.

Gold Brick #15

In the Trophy Room, you'll find five of these Batman maintenance signs: two along the walkway, and three around the Batmobile. Bust up one to start a timer. Get the others before time runs out to spawn a brick.

Gold Brick #16

In the Character Customizer, head to the platform on the far right. Over here is a glass case you can shatter with sonar to uncover a tech panel. Use a tech character to operate this and reveal a nearby brick.

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