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Lauren Cohan’s dream Walking Dead ending involves a Rick return and a massive time jump

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The Walking Dead isn’t long for this world. The AMC series will officially end in 2022 with a 24-part eleventh season – and everyone from the fans to even the cast have been theorising about how the show could see out its final days.

Lauren Cohan, who is returning as Maggie in season 11, recently spoke to GamesRadar+ and other reporters during a roundtable interview. On being asked how she’d like both The Walking Dead and Maggie’s story to end, Cohan gave compelling answers for those looking for fan favourite returns or even a mirror of Robert Kirkman’s comic book conclusion.

“There’s so many ways it could go and maybe I just don’t really think it’s over. I can’t foresee the end! If we’re just dreaming, I would love to see Rick come back,” Cohan said. “That’s how I’d love it to end, I’d love to see him land in a helicopter and Michonne to be with him.”

Andrew Lincoln's Rick, of course, departed the show during the ninth season (alongside Cohan, curiously enough) and is set to appear in a trilogy of Walking Dead movies.

On Maggie’s final fate, Cohan was decidedly more comprehensive – with her personal dream ending being equally as hopeful.

It would be really, really fun if we got to do a 40-year time jump. You sort of peel back and start on a close-up of some very elderly hands and it takes a minute to figure out whose they are,” Cohan begins.

“Once you realise whose they are, where they are and where the world is now and what that means and who’s with her… maybe it’s her final days. Maybe she doesn’t die by a zombie? That’s an idea.”

That's how it could end, but if you need a refresher on all things past and present on the show, check out our complete Walking Dead recap and list of the 15 best Walking Dead episodes.

The Walking Dead season 10 finale airs in the UK on Monday October 5 at 9pm on FOX.

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