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Just Cause 3 vintage part locations guide

Carmen Albatross (Insula Striate, continued)

Litore Torto #1

Coordinates: 46.939, 44.731

Buried on a hill overlooking the large lake in the southern part of the province.

Litore Torto #2

Coordinates: 47.948, 46.667

This part is buried between the two mountains along the eastern coast.

Litore Torto #3

Coordinates: 48.712, 46.681

At the base of the northern of the same two mountains.

Montana #1

Coordinates: 48.270, 43.625

Montana is just a mountain range, so finding anything here is tricky. Use the coordinates to locate this part buried in a crag.

Montana #2

Coordinates: 48.321, 43.328

Just west of the previous part, higher up on the mountain.

Grande Pastura #1

Coordinates: 48.617, 39.730

Buried on a hill just northwest of Alte Potentia.

Grande Pastura #2

Coordinates: 49.174, 40.667

This part is found in a ravine right on the Grande Pastura/Montana border.

Grande Pastura #3

Coordinates: 50.718, 38.665

Buried on a hill at the northwest edge of the province, by the water.

Grande Pastura #4

Coordinates: 50.804, 41.340

There’s a large set of ruins in the northern pocket of the province. Head there and you’ll find a part buried at the amphitheatre.

Grande Pastura #5

Coordinates: 50.335, 44.348

On a hill right by the Grande Pasture/Litore Torto border.

Grande Pastura #6

Coordinates: 51.409, 43.103

The game’s final vintage part is buried on a peninsula along the northern border of the province.

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